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Casino games list – 15+ Best casino games to play online

Casino games list – 15+ Best casino games to play online

If you are looking for all casino games in one spot, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we have made a list of all casino games that we can find online or in local casinos. Besides the casino games list below, we also briefly described how they are played and how they work in case you hear about one of the games for the first time.

All these games can be played free without registration needed or for real money at all online casinos listed on our website.

Online casino games list

In addition, we have linked several useful pages where you can read more about listed casino games and try them for free or for real money at recommended quality NZ casinos, or to pick a casino from our best online casino sites in New Zealand. So let’s go!

Here is the list of all online casino games:

1. Slots (pokies)

top 10 nz pokies
Slot game list at an online casino.

A slot game is purely a game of chance. No skill or expertise is required to win a slot game. All the slot-winning strategies are speculative without any proven workability. however, slots are fun and they offer the fastest winning. All you have to enter the game set the bet size and start spinning.

2. Baccarat

top 10 baccarat casino games
Top 10 most popular baccarat games at casinos.

The total value of cards closer to nine wins the bet at a baccarat table. However, if the values of the total cards are more than nine, you can drop one had and request another card from the dealer. This will continue until either the dealer or players get a number closer to nine to win.

3. Jackpots

Jackpot slot list at casino online.
Jackpot games at NZ online casinos.

Frankly, jackpots are games of chance. However, if you succeed the prize is usually higher than the normal games. Also, progressive jackpots are becoming more and more popular these days. Here the casino takes away a percentage of every player’s bet and adds it to the progressive jackpot prize. The lucky winner goes away with all the funds contributed.

4. Blackjack (21)

List of blackjack games.
Blackjack games list.

To win at a blackjack game, you need luck and strategy. Although card counting is prohibited at some casinos, it’s one of the best ways to succeed at a blackjack game if you master the art. The value of your hand total should be anywhere from 4 to 21 to win a blackjack game. For best results, you can use a basic blackjack strategy that is legal to use at any online or land-based casino.

5. Craps

Craps game (First Person).
Craps -First Person.

Craps are forms of dice rolling games. Also, craps are quite popular at the casinos. However, the street version seems to be more popular. In most regions street craps are outlawed. Generally, there is no limit to the number of players to play craps.

6. Roulette

Top ten most popular roulette casino games list.
Variations of online and live roulette.

At roulette tables, to win you have to predict where the ball will land when the croupier throws the ball on a spinning wheel. American and European roulette has the same rules. The difference is that the American roulette has double zeros which means the house edge is higher than in the European version of roulette that have only one zero.

7. Poker casino games

10 poker variants at casinos online in NZ.
Poker games.

No matter the number of poker variants, the types of poker are draw poker, stud poker, and community card poker. Poker players create a hand that is greater than other players to win. The value of your card must be higher than the players. The most popular poker variant is Texas Holdem.

8. Scratch cards – scratchies

Most played scratchies games list.
Best 10 scratchies game list.

Scratch cards belong to the fun games casino category. They can be played while you waiting for your return at poker or when you are bored and do no have much time. Here you aim to scratch or select the winning numbers. To win at a win of chance like scratch cards, playing at a reputable and trusted casino remains the best option. Also, you can buy more tickets for a better chance of winning.

9. Video poker

top 5 video poker games
Video poker games.

Video Poker machines are a really popular online casino game. Old school players are used to standard video poker machines with a gamble feature, but today online we can find dozens of different variations of this game. The game is totally similar to any other poker variation as is the value of the cards. The only thing that is different is that you play against the machine and have a double up feature after each hand you get where you predict higher or lower, colour or suits from the listed card on the screen. See other games with double up feature.

10. Sic Bo

Pragmatic Play's Sic Bo casino game.
Sic Bo.

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game in which players bet on the outcome of 3 dice thrown. This game looks complicated because of the payout table, but if you dedicate 5 minutes of your time this casino game will be a walk in the park. All the possible outcomes of the dice are marked on the table, and it is your job to place a bet on the outcome you think will win. There are many outcomes (places to bet) and each has its own house edge.

11. Dream Catcher

logo of the Drea Catcher live casino game
Dream Catcher live casino game.

Dream Catcher is a newer live casino game developed by Evolution GAming that falls into the category of game shows. A very simple game reminiscent of the Wheel of Fortune only the wheel is turned horizontally. The game is led by the host who, after placing bets from the player, is spinning the wheel. In the point there are segments for bets such as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. Segments 2x and 7x play the role of multipliers in this bonus game. A very relaxed game where you don’t have to think much.

12. Monopoly Live

monopoly live casino game
Inside of the Monopoly Live studio.

Monopoly live is a real money casino game launched by Evolution Gaming. The game is, as its name suggests, based on the theme of the world-famous board game Monopoly. The game is simple and an interesting fact is the bonus game in which we have the opportunity to win huge victories. The game is led by the host who spins the wheel with the segments we are betting on. Each segment on the point offers different odds, bonus game activation or a mysterious chance. Before turning the wheel, you place a bet on one of the segments and wait for the outcome.

13. Slingo

best slingo games.
Slingo games collection.

If you are a fan of slots and bingo then Slingo games will be your favorite. Namely, Slingo games can only be found in online casinos and are considered an electic band of games that combine two slot experiences and pokies into one.

14. Lotto

Lotto is one of the most popular games of chance in the world. Due to such great popularity, this game can also be found in online casinos. Although we believe that everyone knows how to play this card we will explain the course of the game. Lotto balls are located in a drum through which air flows and mixes the balls. Before mixing the balls, the players make a combination of numbers on the card, and expect the outcome of the discarded balls to coincide with the combination on the card.

15. Bingo (housie)

Bingo games
Bingo games

Many will say that this game does not belong to the casino games list but it can be found on many online casinos so we have added it up. The bingo game is another game of chance. It requires a player to match numbers that are printed on cards. In some clans, bingo games are referred to as lotto. The most popular types of bingo games are 75 and 90 bingo balls. 

16. Keno

Keno game at online casino
Online Keno

Keno is similar to the Bingo game. Numbers are drawn from 1 to 80 balls imprinted with figures. To win you have to place a bet on the numbers you believe will show up during the draw. The rules for keno games are the same but the only change is their various graphic designs.

Interesting facts about casino games

In this section, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about online casino games:

But first, lets us see 4 suits of cards and its names:

  • The first online casino game appeared in 1996 when the first online casino called InterCasino was launched.
  • Did the set know that the oldest casino game was actually Craps, and its first appearance dates back to the 12th century?
  • The first slot machine was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey.
  • The biggest slot jackpot ever won in Las Vegas, specifically at the Excalibur Hotel-Casino where the lucky player won an incredible $ 39,713,982.2. He played on a jackpot slot called Megabucks (R), which is still available to players today.
  • Did you know that the twelve royal characters in the cards represent 12 months of the year?
  • There are 52 cards in the deck of cards, just like there are 52 weeks in a year. When we add them all up, we get a result of 365, which is the number of days in a year.
  • The King of hearts is the only king who does not have a brocade, and his sword runs through his head. That is why he was named the king of suicides.
  • The largest casino in the world is not in Las Vegas, but in China, more precisely Macau, where there is a casino resort hotel that covers over 10, 500, 000 square feet.
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