Are online casinos rigged? See the facts

According to our study, the biggest concern for many players when they look to sign up and make a deposit at an online casino is whether is it a trustworthy site that works in a fair and secure way.

The very thought that playing against a player or in this case at online casino operator who has an unfair advantage that will reduce our odds of winning is a total deterrent from interest and spending time on such a site.

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Anyway, it’s common knowledge that due to the already built-in house edge in the games, casinos already have a slight advantage when it comes to playing in the long run. However, additional pre-planned strategies created by the operators that will take our money and screw us up are just not cool and are a big NO!

In order to give you a clearer picture of what awaits you when you register and log in to an online casino, we have prepared a complete overview with rigging examples of online and live casino games, as well as security measures and regulations that were created to ensure a fair and safe online casino environment for NZ players.

Online casinos as businesses

But firstly, in order to better understand how online casinos work, we have to look at it from a different perspective, not as a player. If we look at online gambling as an industry, we will understand that it is actually just a business that, like every other business in our society, has the main goal of making as much profit as possible.

Online casinos, in addition to making profits, also aim to attract players to become loyal and make as many deposits as possible. In order to fulfil this goal, casino owners must provide their customers with a safe and secure environment by following the laws and regulations that are required by regulatory bodies that issue licenses.

online casino as bussines organization

As for New Zealand, which still does not have a regulatory body for online casinos, because according to the Gambling Act of 2003 it is forbidden to organize online gambling on the territory of NZ, but playing on offshore gambling sites is legal, Kiwis should follow the licenses of other countries.

The safest and strictest regulatory bodies in the online gambling industry are certainly:

  • the Malta Gaming Authority,
  • the United Kingdom Gambling Commission,
  • Curacao Gambling Laws,
  • and the Swedish Gambling Inspection.

All online casinos that have at least one of the listed licenses are considered reliable and their manners including the outcome of games, security and other things are fair.

Is online gambling rigged?

In fact, due to the built-in casino house edge, the fact is that players do not have a great chance to win every game, and due to the well-known fact that the sole purpose of gambling sites is to make money, many people consider casino games to be rigged.

But without the house edge, players would always be ahead and win, which would bankrupt the casino. It is very important that you know that the house edge on casino games does not mean that the game is rigged.

is online gambling industry rigged

Many of the theories that support these myths include theories such as a series of bad bets that e”entice players to play more to win”, “a series of good wins that only entice players to play more”, and also that the cards are dealt purposely to encourage players to raise as much as possible so that the casino takes more percentage etc. This can be true only if you play at an online gaming site that is not regulated by any license.

But basically, if you play at a licensed casino that has a built-in RTP system and RNG it’s quite normal to have a series of wins as well as losses. This does not necessarily mean that the game is rigged.

Examples of rigged games in online casinos

But in the past, there were many cases where players were victims of rigged games by casino operators. The first example of fraud we will mention happened in 2013 January when Reel Deel and HI-Lo Gambler were caught promoting a real money coin flip game that was advertised as offering a 100% RTP with no house edge, when in fact the RTP was 96%.

The scam was discovered by a player who, after spending some time playing the game in free mode, got a lot of game bonuses, but after playing for real money for a long time, he didn’t get any wins. Later during the analysis, they concluded that the game does not pay as it should.

Most conspiracy theories about rigged games are focused on card games. But the best way to prevent this and detect rigging is to learn all the rules of the games and be a good observer.

We need to mention a story from 20017 where during a tournament at Absolute Poker, one player followed the tournament and found suspicious outcomes of the games. He managed to start an investigation that uncovered a huge fraud where players were cheated by an online casino for 1 million dollars.

Security measures that prevent rigged casino games

To enjoy the best gaming experience the first thing you should do before signing up and depositing at an online casino is to make sure the site has a fair gaming policy and reliable safety and security record.

There are many independent testing programs, gambling regulatory bodies and other factors that can guarantee that an online casino offers fair play without rigging.

Below we have listed 4 of the main factors that will help you recognize an honest and reliable online casino before you make a payment and submit your personal information.

1. Audits by government regulatory authorities

All publicly-traded casinos undergo enormous scrutiny. Fair online casinos are monitored and audited by the relevant Gambling Regulatory Bodies and many other third parties to make sure certain games at online casino sites have RNG (random number generator) and are completely fair. These online casino sites will constantly work with government bodies and other authorities to make sure that regulations and rules are followed.

2. Reputation of the casino

If you are interested in an unfamiliar casino site, the best thing to do before making a deposit should be to ask your friends who play until they know anything about that casino. Also, you can check out here at our website and see f we have a full review of all the good and bad sides of that particular brand. All casinos listed on our site have been tested and explored to make sure they fulfil the required standard. All casinos listed on our site and reliable and trustworthy.

3. Independent testings

All publically traded online casinos when it comes to the fairness of games and their random number generators undergo independent testings.

4. Above-average PR

With the development of communication technology, the era of cheating scandals led by operators is behind us, but players should always be vigilant and avoid suspicious sites.

If casinos want to have a profitable business, it is logical that they should have as many satisfied players as possible to complement the above-average PR. The more players become winners, the news will spread by word of mouth, and the site will become a brand and attractive to new customers.

How to recognize fair and secure online play

When looking for a site with online casino games for real money, it is important to choose a site that is proven to be safe. It is important to know that the most reliable sites always have one or more licenses from legal gambling authorities such as the MGA, or the UKGC, which make great efforts to maintain the most stringent gaming requirements that ensure fair play.

An example of one requirement that is mandatory for all casinos under the UKGC license is that in case of bankruptcy, they must have a secured budget that will pay all current deposits and player winnings before shutting down the site. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, the casino owners would face a lawsuit and a huge fine.

However, with most gambling authority bodies, the most common gaming requirements refer to the improvement of RNG and other security measures. Before any site with real money, games are released to the public, many security measures and precautions are well established.

Players can find information about security measures at online casino homepages. It’s not hard to find logos of these independent auditor organizations that control all games and their software,

Besides that, reliable gambling sites will also display logos of all received e-Gaming awards or other good evidence by reputable organizations that can manage as proof of reliability and trustworthiness. On the other side, if you can’t find any information about licenses and security measures at a particular online gaming site, avoid it at any cost.


When it comes to money, you should always be careful, especially when it comes to online transactions. Also, when making a deposit on sites such as online casinos, we should always be vigilant and check the site’s reputation. Above, we have shown you how to find a casino that offers fair casino games, and if you follow our guide, you will not find yourself in an unpleasant situation.