What is the legal gambling age in NZ?

If you want to know at what age can you go to the casino in New Zealand, then this article will give you all the answers.

In New Zealand, like in all other countries, there is a casino age limit. What does it mean? Well, this means that your visit to the casino will not be allowed if you are not old enough.

If casino security at the entrance of the casino considers you too young, they will ask you for an identity document that can confirm that you are of legal age for gambling in NZ.

casino age limits in marked in  a map of NZ
Map of New Zealand with marked casino age limits.

This document must be issued by competent state institutions and must have your picture on it.

For example, in Sky City casinos, all employees have the authority to approach visitors they suspect are under age and request an identity document as proof of age.

According to Sky City Auckland casino official website

New Zealand has strict laws regarding gambling, and if inspectors catch you in gaming areas, both you and the game organizer, (casino) can get prosecuted and fined. If the casino stuff catches you in gaming areas and you are not old enough to be there, you can get banned for a certain time (Mostly 1-2 years).

In this article, we will provide you with casino age NZ limits for every gaming area and casino in New Zealand. Let’s cut to the chase!

Understanding the legal casino age limit for gambling in NZ

In New Zealand, the legal age for gambling at quality casinos is 20 years old. This means that individuals must be at least 20 years of age or older to enter a casino, participate in any form of gambling, or collect any winnings.

Casinos are required to verify the age of their patrons, usually by requesting identification documents such as a passport or driver’s license. It is important to note that minors caught attempting to gamble in a casino or using false identification to gain access may face legal consequences.

A casino age limit of 20+ applies in all 6 land based casinos in New Zealand including:

Casino NZAge limit
Sky City Auckland20+
Sky City Queenstown20+
Skycity Hamilton20+
Christchurch Casino20+
Dunedin Casino20+
Lasseters Wharf (Closed)20+

Personal documents that will be recognized as proof of age in case of verification are:

  • valid NZ or overseas passport,
  • valid New Zealand or state overseas driver’s license,
  • HANZ (Hospitality Association),
  • Kiwi Access card.

Also, any product from a state institution that contains your image and date of birth can serve as proof of age.

In case you show fake documents, the casino staff has to keep you and call the police. In that case, you can get a case from NZD 500.

As far as alcohol consumption is concerned, persons over 18 years of age are allowed to consume in all rooms of the facility except in gaming areas.

To be served alcohol in gaming areas you must be 20 years of age or older.

Consumption of alcohol under the age of 18 is a criminal offence and is charged a fine of NZD 2,000.

Gambling age limits for different games

Above we have added info about the casino age in New Zealand or how old you have to be in order to enter land-based casinos in NZ.

But there are not only gambling facilities and places where Kiwis can gamble. Of course, there are other real money casino games that can be played. In the table below we have listed all the real money gambling games and age limits for NZ.

GameAge limit
LottoNo age restriction
Sports betting18+
Online gambling18+

Online casino age limit

The Gambling Act 2003 clearly stipulates that any organization of online gambling or its marketing in the territory of New Zealand is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

But, in this act, there is not a single point that commands that gambling on overseas online casinos and gambling platforms is illegal or punishable.

While there is no law in New Zealand that would prohibit minors from gambling on offshore gambling sites, there are of course other authoritative bodies that regulate their work.

Here you can see reliable and strict gambling authorities and their age regulation. If an online casino is not regulated by any of the gambling authorities listed below, you should avoid it.

Gambling Regulatory BodyCasino Age
Malta Gaming Authority18+
United Kingdom Gambling Commission18+
Curacao Gaming Authority (Laws by Curacao)18+
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority18+

People under the age of 18 are prohibited from playing on real money online casinos.

When registering, you will be asked to enter your date of birth.

A year under 18 will be rejected. Only 18+ are allowed to play on online gambling platforms.

Don’t think that you can cheat here, because later when you request to withdraw your winnings, a regulated gambling platform will require you to upload a personal identification document that will serve as proof of your legal gambling age and a document that prevents money laundering.

Casino age limit in other countries

As we have seen casino NZ’s age is 20 years old, but let’s take a look at other countries and what are the casino age limits in the rest of the world.

For instance, we found this image where we can see gambling age limits by the continent.

Take a look at the image of casino age limits marked on a map of the world below.

casino age limits marked in the map of world
The map shows gambling age regulations in the World
Country Casino age
Monte Carlo18+
South Africa18+
ChinaVisitors 18+, locals 21+

Frequently asked questions

What is the legal gambling age in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the legal age for gambling at various facilities may vary depending on the type of gambling activity.

Here is a list of different gambling facilities and their corresponding age limits:

  1. Casinos:
    • SkyCity Auckland: 20 years
    • SkyCity Hamilton: 20 years
    • SkyCity Queenstown: 20 years
    • Christchurch Casino: 20 years
    • Dunedin Casino: 20 years
  2. Racetracks (TAB Outlets):
    • Betting on horse races or sports at TAB outlets: 18 years
  3. Class 4 Gambling Venues (Pokie Machines):
    • Playing gaming machines at pubs and clubs: 18 years
  4. Lotteries and Instant Kiwi:
    • Buying lottery tickets and playing Instant Kiwi games: 18 years
  5. Bingo Halls:
    • Playing bingo: 18 years
  6. Sports Betting (Online and Offline):
    • Placing sports bets: 18 years

If you get caught under this age in any gambling facility under the territory of New Zealand you can get fined up to NZD 500 and prosecuted.

What is the legal age for online gambling in NZ?

For online gambling, the legal age is 18 years old. During the registration, you can enter a false birth date, but hen you wish to withdraw your winnings you will be asked to upload your ID documents as proof of your age.

Is it allowed for my child to be present during my visit to the gaming area?

The presence of underage children in gaming areas of casinos in New Zealand is not recommended.