What is RTP?

Whether you’ve been playing pokies (slots) for a while or just watching streamers play online, you’ve likely heard of the term RTP. Even if you do not know what it means, it is clear that RTP is an essential factor in slot machines.

The slot machines (pokies) are programmed in a way to create winners, as well as ensure casinos make a profit.

What is RTP?

Players participate in online pokies in numbers varying from one to another. All of these players are betting with various coin values, different levels of wagering, and overall wagering amounts. It is reasonable to expect that each slot game available to play online will have an RTP (return to player rate).

Does that sound complex to you? When you’re just getting started, it feels awkward.

Thus, we have compiled a guide on RTP for you to learn what it means and whether or not players can use it to increase their odds of winning. This article will teach you everything you need to know about RTP.

Casinos with the highest RTP

  • Hell Spin Casino
    NZ$ 5200
    + 150 free spins
    Games: 4000+
    Secret Bonus
    Accepts Crypto
    Wagering requirements 40x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s apply
  • 1
    Hell Spin casino
    Hell Spin Casino
    NZ$ 5200
    + 150 free spins
    Wagering requirements 40x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s Apply
  • Playojo
    50 free spins
    no wager
    Games: 5000+
    50 free spins no wager on Book of Dead
    No withdrawal nor maximum win limit
    Wagering requirements 0x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s apply
  • 2
    Playojo Casino logo
    50 free spins
    no wager
    Wagering requirements 0x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s Apply
  • Leo Vegas casino
    NZ$ 2000
    + 200 free spins
    Games: 3000+
    Wide range of live casino games
    Fantastic welcome offer
    Wagering requirements 35x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s apply
  • 3
    leo vegas logo
    Leo Vegas casino
    NZ$ 2000
    + 200 free spins
    Wagering requirements 35x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s Apply
  • Woo Casino
    + 200 free spins
    Games: 2000+
    Rewarding tournaments and promos
    Accept crypto payments
    Wagering requirements 40x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ T’s & C’s apply
  • 4
    casino logo
    Woo Casino
    + 200 free spins
    Wagering requirements 40x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ T’s & C’s Apply
  • Playzee Casino
    NZ$ 1500
    + 150 free spins
    Games: 1000+
    24/7 support for NZ
    Zee Club Loyalty Program
    Wagering requirements 35x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s apply
  • 5
    playzee casino logo
    Playzee Casino
    NZ$ 1500
    + 150 free spins
    Wagering requirements 35x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s Apply
  • Casumo
    NZ$ 1200
    + 55 free spins
    Games: 3872+
    No deposit free spins
    Sports betting & Live casino
    Wagering requirements 30x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD20 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s apply
  • 6
    casumo casino logo
    NZ$ 1200
    + 55 free spins
    Wagering requirements 30x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD20 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s Apply
  • Hello Casino
    NZ$ 100
    + 25 free spins
    Games: 2000+
    VIP loyalty rewards program
    Sensational Sundays promo
    Wagering requirements 35x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T & C’s apply T’s & C’s apply
  • 7
    casino logo
    Hello Casino
    NZ$ 100
    + 25 free spins
    Wagering requirements 35x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T & C’s apply T’s & C’s Apply
  • Royal Panda
    NZ$ 1000
    +150 free spins
    Games: 3000+
    5% Top Up Bonus on every deposit
    Wagering requirements 35x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s apply
  • 8
    Royal Panda
    NZ$ 1000
    +150 free spins
    Wagering requirements 35x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s Apply
  • Skol casino
    + 250 free spins
    Games: 2500+
    Fantastic live casino games library
    Unique Skol Casino branded games
    Wagering requirements 40x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s apply
  • 9
    online casino logo
    Skol casino
    + 250 free spins
    Wagering requirements 40x ⌇ Minimum deposit: NZD10 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s Apply
  • Dunder
    NZ$ 50
    50 free spins
    Games: 2760+
    Wide range of games
    Fast withdrawal options
    Wagering requirements 30x ⌇ Minimum deposit: $20 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s apply
  • 10
    Dunder logo
    NZ$ 50
    50 free spins
    Wagering requirements 30x ⌇ Minimum deposit: $20 ⌇ 18+ ⌇ T’s & C’s Apply

What is RTP?

All online pokies (slots) have a return to player value. Return To Player refers to the amount you get back from your bet.

For example, RTP indicates the percentage of investment returned to the Player. However, you cannot directly compare it with the chance of winning a game, but you can compare it to your average return on investment after betting.

Suppose, for example, that a slot machine has a theoretical RTP of 95%, which means you would get a NZ$95 per hundred NZD bet.

That is not always the case in reality, however.

According to RTP math and statistics, the probability that you will win is computed over a considerable number of rounds, perhaps up to 10,000.

The RTP of your games is very often lower than the set 95 percent, which means you win less or nothing.
The RTP of 95% is sometimes exceeded by several hundred percent when you win a perfect round.

Therefore, RTP is a hypothetical repayment, and it represents the amount of money that the slot machine is expected to return to the Player over a long period.

It is thus possible, in practice, for the game to give back 5% in RTP one day and 98% the next, which is more than its RTP value.

The focus on winning or winning itself entirely depends on how much the game is about.

Suppose it gives some profits in one period, but in the next period, it gives more and higher payouts to achieve its average of 95%.

However, the exact opposite is also true. In the event of many profits, for instance, the RTP will be lowered for a few days until it reaches its default value of 95%. 

Hottest online pokies right now

Does RTP guarantee real-time delivery?

Some players believe they can determine their bets on a slot machine using the RTP value.

A high RTP value, according to theory, means a greater probability of winning than a low one.

Remember that this is only a theoretical statement.

The reality is that you can lose your entire wager without winning anything, but you also have the potential to win a lot.

However, this is rarely awarded, perhaps every hundred thousand spins or even less frequently.

On the other hand, if the lady luck is on your side, you bet your money on your slot machine just when the big win comes, and you take home millions.

The RTP, therefore, does not reveal anything about individual outcomes; it is merely a measure of the amount of profit distributed over time.

How to find the game’s RTP?

If you read the rules and payout schedule in the game’s help section, you can usually find the RTP value of the game.

Casinos use the RTP to figure out their percentage edge over the Player on each game, i.e., how much profit they can expect from the slot machines. 

Furthermore, some players think it is unimportant to find out the value since it is mainly down to chance. RTP can be used as a strategy to play if you like, but it’s up to you.

This allows you to see what works best for you in your game. Remember, however, that your RTP is calculated over time, not as a refund you receive every time you play.

Thus, players should not rely on RTP alone to increase their chances of winning. This is just a preview of what you can expect in the long run to gain.

Calculate RTP using house edge

RTP percentage info is mostly displayed and shown at online pokies. If you decide to play games such as blackjack, roulette, poker or any other card or table game, the info about its RTP value will be a little heavier to find.

When it comes to these games, many experts talk about house edge, but rarely you will discover RTP info. This is why it’s not a lousy skill to calculate the RTP value using the house edge percentage.

It is not complicated at all. The most straightforward explanation will be if we take a standard house edge value for a blackjack game that is 0.46%.

So how to calculate the house edge of this classic blackjack game. Easy, we just need to add 100% of the total value of all games and deduct the total house edge value, which is 0,46%.

The result you get will show the total return to play (RTP) value which in this case will be 99,54%.

calculate RTP using house edge

What are the ways you can use RTP?

Depending on how you play, RTP may not be too important to you. Most slot machines offer an RTP value of 95%, even though there are also games with lower and higher values.

An RTP value of 98% or more means, in theory, you’ll get back a large portion of your investment. However, as a rule of thumb, the best online pokies to play are those with an RTP higher than 95%.

It should be noted that this RTP value is purely theoretical and only applies over the long run. Even if the RTPs of your favourite casino games are lower, you shouldn’t give them up since even games with an RTP of 88% can still provide good winnings. 

There are even games that have nearly 100% return on investment, and due to this high return on investment, they have all gained a lot of popularity.

Most players are familiar with Blood Suckers and Mega Joker, two games with a very high return on investment.

The vampire slot game Blood Suckers has a 98% RTP, while the classic slot game Megajoker has a 99% RTP! However, there is a catch with Megajoker.

To get a 99% rate of return, you must have been in a special position in the game.

Additionally, you should remember that some pokies pay out more frequently but with smaller winnings.

Do you have a favourite machine that consistently rewards you with big wins despite a relatively low RTP value?

You should also have fun playing slot machines despite the big winnings, so don’t just stare at the RTP value, but choose the most entertaining game for you.

How can you benefit from RTP?

Consider RTP if you want to take advantage of this opportunity. In this case, you win more money from a casino bonus and need to turn over the bonus and winnings before you can request a withdrawal.

Some casinos require you to wager your winnings before you can withdraw them.

If you fail to achieve your turnover, you will not be allowed to withdraw your winnings.

In the case of winning thousands of NZD, the money must be wagered numerous times before it can be withdrawn. The higher the amount won, the higher the turnover amount required. 

When you have a little strategy, you are more likely to succeed in meeting the turnover requirements and taking out your profit.

  • The first step would be to choose a machine with a high return on investment, such as Blood Suckers with 98% RTP.
  • Secondly, play on all pay lines with a low bet to afford to play many times, and purely theoretically, you should have a high return on investment. With the autoplay feature, you can select multiple spins at once. As a result, you can sit back and relax while the game executes. Although this method does not promise 100 percent success, there are no 100 percent profit guarantees in the casino world. The more you turn over, the better your chances are.

RTP in Pokies: Truths and Myths

Lastly, we’ll discuss some truths and myths about RTP in slot machines.

We will try to clear up some of the misconceptions over the years about how Return To Player works and what can and cannot be done.

Casinos that offer online pokies can manipulate their RTP.

The statement is untrue. Online casinos do not own the pokies they provide for players to play. Video games are typically stored on game developers‘ servers, and pokies are rented from them.

As a result, casinos do not have access to control core settings such as RTP. Casinos can’t change a random game at will, even though some providers offer varying RTPs (like Play’n GO).

An individual session has no relevance to RTP.

The statement is true and false at the same time. The actual RTP of the game is unlikely to reach 100% regardless of what happens in a single slot session, so this information isn’t as important.

On average, however, a slot with an RTP of 96% will play better than an RTP of 85%. In other words, you can play both games and still win and lose, but you’ll win more often if you play the game that has a higher RTP.

Progressive jackpots affect the actual return of a slot machine.

As a general rule, this is true. For example, the advertised RTP maybe 94% in progressive pokies, but progressive jackpots can generate a portion of that RTP. Thus, you will have a lower RTP than advertised if you do not win the jackpot unless you win the jackpot.

Pokies with the highest RTP

Mega JokerNetEnt99.0%
1429 Uncharted SeasThunderKick98.5%
The CatfatherPragmatic Play98.1%
Blood SuckersNetEnt98.0%
Hot InkMicrogaming97.5%
Blazing BullKalamba Games97.3%
Big Bad WolfQuickspin97.3%
Jack Hammer 2NetEnt97.1%
White Rabbit MegawaysBTG97.0%


RTP percentages are essential for any serious online casino player looking for the best betting value.

There are no guarantees of winning in games with RTP. However, this method is also theoretical, and you may win. You can never be sure when playing pokies.

Perhaps that is also the appeal of it. You never know what will happen. It’s possible to bet large and not win anything, but you also have the chance to win a million in just a few spins!

The RTP can’t be cheated in all fully licensed NZ$ casinos, so you have as much chance of winning as any other player.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to increase my odds of winning with RTP?

You can enhance your chances of winning by taking advantage of casino bonuses and promotions that provide you with free spins. You do not have to meet a specific turnover requirement, e.g., in practice free play sessions. Thus, you can play more game rounds without using your own money. In theory, the more rounds you get into, the greater your chances of winning.

What is the formula for calculating RTP?

The RTP can be calculated for any game in theory. The formula is simple: take the total amount returned to players, and divide it by the total amount gambled by players.

On the other hand, RTP on online pokies, for instance, can be misleading since it does not tell you how often you will win.

Things appear pretty simple in games like Blackjack, where you know you will win around half the stakes you place.

However, online pokies, where huge jackpots can be won, are less likely to payout. In short, the end result will always be the same, a return to players slightly below turnover over time.