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Casino Rewards

Here we have compiled a list of the best casino rewards in New Zealand. If you are looking for a casino with rewards, you have come to the right place! Each casino on the list is proven safe and with its offers, promotions and bonus is deservedly listed and positioned on our recommended list of casino rewards in NZ.

The casino game has gone beyond a regular game, it is almost very impossible not to play online casinos without getting a reward.  Some benefits come when you play with money or without money; this is also applicable to online casinos around the world including those operating in New Zealand. 

In most cases, some of the rewards are not worth it, especially those that don’t require playing with real money. The coins given as rewards cannot be cashed out.  If you wish to get a comprehensive understanding of casino rewards, keep on reading.

Top 10 best casino rewards casinos 2021

  • Games: 1500 +
  • Payout speed: Instant
  • Min deposit: NZ$ 30
NZ $ 1000 + 100 spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 750+
  • Payout speed: Instant
  • Min deposit: NZ$ 15
NZ $ 500 + 300 free spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 600+
  • Payout speed: 0-24 hours
  • Min deposit: NZ$ 20
NZ $ 2000 + 50 spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 3000+
  • Payout speed: Instant
  • Min deposit: NZ$ 10 (for bonus NZ$ 15)
NZ $ 1500 + 10 spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 900 +
  • Payout speed: 1-2 days
  • Min deposist: NZD 30
$ 500 + 100 free spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 700+
  • Payout speed: 24hours
  • Min deposit: NZ$ 10
NZ$ 300+ 200 free spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 800+
  • Payout speed: 1-2 days
  • Min deposit: NZ$ 10
NZ $ 300 + 12 no deposit spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 600+
  • Payout speed: 1-2 days
  • Min deposit: NZD 15
NZ $ 500 + 99 free spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 2200+
  • Payout speed: 24h
  • Min deposit: NZ$ 20
NZ $ 400 + 20 no deposit spinsT & C Apply | 18+
  • Games: 500+
  • Payout speed: Instant
  • Min deposit: NZ$ 10

About online casino rewards

Casino rewards are offered to players in various forms. You may be given free spins, cashback, etc. Also, the more you play, the more chances of getting one casino rewards package. Likewise, new players are rewarded with welcome packages.  

You can find top casino platforms that offer quality rewards at our all quality casinos list. Graphic designs, colours, etc. can be misleading. Casino reviews may be helpful at this point. 

How to get rewards?

Time to receive reward 1 minute.

Most often the casino you choose determines how you will get your casino rewards. No matter the casino, there are two ways to redeem your casino rewards.

  1. Click the register or sign up tab

    Select your favourite online casino register, deposit and claim your welcome bonus offers

  2. Start playing

    Play frequently to earn VIP rewards

Meanwhile, check out the fastest ways to get casino rewards.

  • Loyalty Rewards: Playing regularly at an online casino will earn you a lot of casino rewards. This type of casino reward is regarded as a loyalty reward. However, If you haven’t received any casino rewards after playing for a while at an online casino, then you have to switch to another one or call their customer support. 
  • Reward Hunting: Frankly, reward hunting at online casinos pays off if you do it the right way. Search for online casinos that offer a no deposit bonus. With a free spins no deposit bonus, you don’t have to deposit a dime to play and win.

Best casino rewards offers in New Zealand

The best casino rewards help players save a lot of money. In fact, you don’t have to spend money to redeem them. For instance, a no deposit bonus remains one of the best casino rewards offered by New Zealand casinos. In the same vein, loyalty rewards and cashbacks are also good casino rewards.

Whenever you find a no deposit bonus, grab it immediately. A no deposit bonus is the best casino reward you can think of. Moreover, you are not depositing a penny to win and play with real money.

Types of rewards at NZ casinos

Casino rewards come in different categories. Below are the three most common types of casino rewards offered by New Zealand online casinos. 

  • Total Rewards: This casino reward comprises the entire rewards an online casino gives to a player. For example, if an online casino offers NZ$ 20, NZ$20, and NZ$10 after registering at the casino, the total rewards here is NZ$50. In some cases, free spins may be added too.
  • Reward Card: This card is not offered to players who are not in the VIPs; it is also given to loyal players. However, reward cards are common with offline casinos because online casino players are not given physical cards.  Reward cards can be used to pay bills in New Zealand, buy tickets, and many more. 
  • Best Casino Rewards:  Casinos that do not require an initial deposit before you can play are the best. There is no initial deposit, yet you would be rewarded with loyalty rewards packages, welcome rewards, and free spins. 

Best bonuses

There are variations in casino rewards. This often depends on the casino platform.  Many casinos in New Zealand offer different packages as rewards.  Some are:

  • Free Spin:  Some platforms offer this opportunity to draw players to their site. Existing players are rewarded with free spins too. It is an added advantage to players because they could make some money after a series of spinning.  Most sites use it as gifts to consistent players. 
  • No Deposit Bonus: This is an act of benevolence by casino platforms to players. There is no need for funding or deposit before one can play. Sometimes there are some conditions to be met even though it is a no deposit bonus. Recently, some online casinos place some wagering requirements on winnings gotten with no deposit bonus.
  • Bonus Codes:  Once you are lucky enough to get a code from any online casino, the reward can be easily claimed by following the instructions on the platform.  In most online casinos, you insert the code in a box provided for it. 
  • Reward Points: Most casinos give players reward points for every deposit. The points could be redeemed as real money when it gets to a certain amount. Players that have become regular often enjoy these rewards. For instance, for every NZ$5 you may receive a reward point. 

VIP programs 

There are a lot of benefits that come with being a VIP member at online casinos. As a matter of fact, most online players look forward to becoming a member. VIP programs are often divided into various categories; some are higher than others.  Rewards for casino VIP includes:

  • Easy cashouts
  • No many withdrawal limits
  • Birthday or festive prizes
  • An account manager 
  • Top-notch luxurious offers
  • Live events e.t.c
  • Fast casino payout time

Depending on the online casino, it may adopt one of the following methods to choose members of their VIP programs:

  • Invitation:  Most times, invitations are given to players that consistently play at the casino. Also, if you make huge deposits often, it may qualify you to become a VIP member.  
  • Earned Points:  You can also become a VIP member based on earned points.  These points are accumulated after some time and depending on your score, you can become a member of their VIP program.  Notable casino sites in New Zealand offer this VIP reward package. 

Casino rewards casinos reviews

Just like every online gambling site, Casino Rewards website has a good design and layout. In fact, Casino Rewards also offer some of the best promotions and bonuses online. Nevertheless, Casino Rewards is not a good online casino website. 

Also, most of the online reviews about Casino Rewards are negative. For example, Trustpilot review of Casino Rewards doesn’t say anything good about the website. Most players that commented on Trustpilot, barely said anything good about Casino Rewards.  

Inasmuch as Casino Rewards has an enticing website design and promotions, their services are poor. Don’t forget, some of your sensitive details may be compromised. In summary, Casino Rewards is not a good gambling platform. 

Frequently asked questions

How to register and login to casino rewards sites?

To register with the casino reward gaming site, do the following:
Click the register or “sign up tab”, and provide your details as requested. You would be redirected to your email to verify your account. Deposit the minimum amount as requested.
You can start gambling at an online casino.

How to recognize casinos with the best rewards?

Certain features are used to identify casinos with the best rewards. Firstly, you can check out if they have a certified license. However, the best casinos have the following features: Consistent bonus rewards
, easy access to the site, and no or low collateral requirements.

How to earn loyalty points at casino with rewards?

To earn casino loyalty points, you need to bet regularly. It is a norm for most online casinos to give out bonus perks to their regular players. Moreover, these points can be converted to real money if they get to a certain amount. 

What are the bonus programs offered at casino rewards?

Some of the bonus programs on Casino rewards are: Loyalty rewards program, VIP programs, free bonus, and no deposit casino programs.

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