How to play online slots (pokies)?

Online slots (pokies) are a general casino favourite because they are not difficult to play. Playing slot games require no planning, and it is very easy to stake and win.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter if you are a huge slot fan or a beginner; there is always something you can learn about playing slot games. 

The main aim of playing slot games is to get identical symbols in a row and win. However, it is important to know that the machines are different, with a few combinations going to the left while some going to the right. 

How does the slot machine work? 

Slot machines or as they are called in NZ pokies work with the help of some functions which every slot player should know.

For instance, the Random Number Generator is a vital function that determines how you can play in the different slots games. So, what does the Random Number Generator mean? 

Since slots are random, RNG is a computer chip built inside every slot machine that performs multiple mathematical calculations every second.

Once you press the button to start the spin, the RNG stays on a random set of numbers that determine the following symbols on the reels and the symbols that will show on the slot machine. 

Consequently, the result is determined by the RNG whenever you press the spin button. The winner is already made available as you spin the wheel but the spinning processes are just there mainly for your entertainment. 

Playing slot games online

Before we proceed, it is very crucial to reiterate that winning any slot game is based on luck and there is no particular or proven strategy to back up any win on slot.

How to play online slots – explanation

While as a beginner or expert, you can play slot games by going through the following steps: 

Time needed: 2 minutes

In these few steps we will show you how to play online slots!

  1. Select your favourite slot machine

    This is the first step to follow if you want to play slot games. The slot machine could either be online or land-based depending on your choice. Then proceed to launch your preferred slot game and the screen or table will be covered with the slot machine and different buttons like max and spin bet. More so, you will also find your bankroll at the edge of the table or screen. 

  2. Watch the game’s paytable

    You should endeavour to take a deep look at the game’s paytable. As a result, it will reveal to you how much a symbol is worth and tell you the ones you should watch and hope to get. 

  3. Select what you want to bet and the number of pay lines you want to play

    Here, you need to utilize the max bet option if you want to choose all pay lines at the same time. Don’t try to exceed your budget because it is one of several reasons people lose their money or go broke. 

  4. Hit the spin button to make reels move

    This is the point where you will know if you will lose your last cash or gain some extra bucks. At the point of winning, the slot game will reveal your winnings and allow you to gamble once more. Although it may seem risky it is the perfect chance to win bigger prizes through a bonus game. 

  5. Continue spinning the reels if you want

    Now, this option is very risky and it should be strictly for those who can afford to lose money. If you either won or lost, you can choose to continue spinning the reels to recover your lost money or win more. However, do not forget to watch your bankroll because you are likely to go broke with the intent of winning big. 


There are different types of slot games to choose from and play. Also, engaging in slot games is a way of having fun and making money.

Although it is purely a game of luck, the chances of winning are there for you if you know what you are doing. 

Before playing the different slot games, endeavour to first learn the rules guiding the game because it will save you from a whole lot of confusion. Here you can learn more about how to win on pokies in NZ.

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