How to play safely online

The adrenaline rush players get when playing casino is almost incomparable, but so is the same feeling of knowing you’ve been scammed. Here are the tips on keeping your gambling safe.

tips to play safe

The casino market can be a big jungle if you don’t have the right tools. And even though the casino community is very welcoming, there are also people out there, who unfortunately wish to take advantage of adventurous online players. 

It can be a real thrill to play at a casino. It can be even more thrilling for players to play with their own money. And today most players decide to challenge themselves at web-based casinos, where they can still get the feel. If you’re having a hard time figuring out which casinos have valid licenses, you can check out in order to navigate between the safe casinos.

Safe gambling platforms

Why is it even important finding a safe casino, you might ask? When playing at a casino with a valid license, you will know that the NZ Gambling Commission has approved the license, as the casino has to meet certain conditions to get a license. Since there have been cases of online casinos rigging their games and having an unfair advantage, it is important that the casino is licensed.

Data encryption

Now that you know, the casino is approved, there is a big security question when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, which is an integral part of playing a real money casino.

You have probably seen a padlock when shopping on clothing sites, which is the same padlock you need to look for in an online casino. This is an indication that the casino site uses SSL encryption to protect your data, and if you are playing with real money, you want to know that your financial data is secure.

Check the reviews

If you don’t find a casino through a comparison site, it can sometimes be a hassle to find a safe one just by googling. But sometimes in order to be safe, some players like to read the reviews of the casinos or even ask their friends if they have played the same casino. This way you can be sure, if this is something, you want to use your time on. 

Test out the casino

A lot of casinos will give out bonuses, but this is actually a way to test out if it is legit or not. Basically, you take the easiest bonus with no deposit. If you end up winning, you should be able to withdraw your money, but if it is a scam, then you probably won’t see the money anytime soon. This is a way to test out the casino without investing too much money.

Now that you have found a safe casino, here are some more tips to protect yourself.

Safe password

It seems like a simple tip, but you would be surprised at the number of people whose passwords are the numbers 1-10 or include their birthday. Always make sure to use a strong password with upper- and lower-case letters, special characters, and numbers.

Some like to have a password manager on their computer, so they can keep track of passwords, while some just like to write them down and store them in a safe place. That is completely up to you. But most importantly, don’t share your password with anyone.

Protect your financial data

As well as your password, you should keep your credit or debit card information secret. If you believe someone has stolen your information, you should always report it to your bank or operator.


There is no need to be afraid when playing at an online casino, but it is important to be cautious when choosing an online casino. Always check if there is a license and SSL data encryption, so you know, you can trust the casino.