Top 5 hottest live casino girls

Even if you’ve never played a live casino, you’ve certainly seen on TV commercials, on the internet, or in newspapers these beautiful girls employed as live casino dealers.

Online casinos know the weak point of men, which is why, in addition to luxurious studios and casino equipment, they also offered beautiful girls who lead the game and overshadow the players with their beauty.

If you are interested in who they are, and which we have selected for our top 5 list of the most beautiful live casino girls then you have come to the right place.

Today in this article, we will go from the game guide to our tips and tricks for playing at an online casino and talk about a slightly more relaxed topic.

Here we will introduce you to the most beautiful girls’ live casino dealers that we can meet live at the top-rated online casinos from our list. So let’s get started!

List of the hottest live casino girls

Live casino games are becoming more and more popular in online casinos, which is due to the excitement it brings and maybe also due to the beauties who run the game.

Definitely, the most beautiful girls have NetEnt live casino sites and Evolution Gaming. We can find them in live games such as baccarat, variations of poker, roulette, craps, blackjack etc. So let’s not go any further, let’s start with a list of the top 5 most beautiful dealer girls at a live casino.

1. Alina – Live Casino dealer at Evolution (Gaming)
In this image you can see live casino dealer by the name Alina from Malta.
Alina A. (Instagram: @aveksss)

Alina is a live dealer at Evolution Gaming casino games. You can find Alina at all online casinos if they offer live casino games from Evolution gaming company in their portfolio. Alina is a live dealer in charge of baccarat, and you can usually find her there. She is one of the favourite dealers among many fans of live casino play because she is kind, witty and skilful. If you want to find out more about her and see more pictures, visit her Instagram profile @aveksss. Enjoy!

2. Violeta – Lighting baccarat dealer at Evolution Gaming live casinos

Here is the photo of the most beatiful casino live dealer girl at Evolution Global.
Violet K. (Instagram: @violet.kondracka)

Violeta is one of the new girls on live casino platforms, she moved from Russia to Malta with a projectile and got a job in the new Lighting Baccarat department in the Evolution Gaming studio. She is truly one of the most beautiful girls in the live casino industry with a beautiful smile, humour and professionalism. You can find it at all casinos that offer live games from Evolution gaming. If you want to know more about her visit her Instagram profile at @ violet.kondracka.

3. Elli – Lighting Baccarat dealer at NetEnt live casinos

Ella Shar is the beatiful dealer at NetEnt studio casinos.
Ella Shar, ( instagram: @___elli____)

Elli is 28 years old and works in the NetEnt studio, we can find her in the best online casinos that offer live casino games produced by NetEnt. She likes to joke, she is very beautiful and we can often find her at live roulette games, but if she’s not there, take a look at Texas Holdem poker.

4. Valerya – Roulette dealer at Netent live casino games

Valerya is roulette live casino dealer.
Valerya (instagram: @valerya.evg.alexeeva)

Valerya ranks No. 4 on our list of the top 5 most beautiful female dealers at a live casino. She is 26 years old and in addition to her job as a dealer in a live casino, she is engaged in tweeting and playing World of Warcraft. She rarely has dystonia at a live casino, but when it’s hard there you’ll find a free seat on the table. She is kind, pleasant and very professional, but not in a way that does not communicate with the players, but she is skilful and of great benefit to the players.

5. Anastacia – Blackjack dealer at NetEnt live casinos

Anastacia is a live dealer at blackjack.
Anastacia ( instagram: @_anastaacia)

Anastacia is a blackjack expert and we can watch and play with her at all one casino that offers Evolution games. Anastacia is a beautiful girl who is always pleasant, interesting and handsome. that’s why we put her on this list.

Why this list is different from others?

Well when we wanted to create a list of the top 5 most beautiful live dealer girls at online casino games, we have done the research and put our time to find the real names and contact of these girls so our readers can follow them on their social networks.

We have noticed that many sites have written similar articles but none of them really mentioned their real names. Here at, we have created a genuine list of the most beautiful live casino dealers.