Explanation of RNG in casino games

When searching for an online casino or real money game, you probably came across the term “RNG”. If you have been wondering what it is and why it is mentioned so much in the casino industry today we will explain in detail.

For a quick and easy explanation, RNG is a random number generator that determines the outcome of a casino game. RNG has been tested by various third-party companies to make fairness completely fair to players.

What is RNG?

RNG, which stands for Random Number Generator, is a microchip used by game developers when creating casino games. It is used to make the games fair for both the players and the casino. Currently, a random number generator operates all pokies NZ in online and traditional casinos. In the Online Casino Bluebook guide, you can find a wide range of RNG tested and safe online casinos.

Because the microchip generates billions of numbers every second, you are sure to get a random result whenever you play. The numbers generated by the microchip do not depend on the slot machine being played or not. Immediately you play the slot machine, the result of your spin is decided by the random number generator.

RNG casino games

Interestingly, pressing the stop button in the middle of the spin won’t change your results. This is because your result has already been decided by the random number generator immediately after you pressed the stop button.

In addition, the speed at which you play the slot machine doesn’t determine your final result.

It doesn’t matter what occurs during a spin; you have a fair chance of winning at the game. This is because a random number generator ensures that there are equal chances of winning or losing at a slot game and also decides the final result.

Why do casino games use RNG?

Casino games use random number generators to create games that release random results. When a random number generator is used in casino games, it releases results that both the casino and players can find to be fair.

However, the casino is always at an advantage because the return to player (RTP) is always below 100%. The reason why casino games use random number generators is to give players a fair chance of winning the game.

Is RNG fair?

The answer to the above question is yes. A random number generator doesn’t increase the advantage of the online casino but makes the result fair for all.

In addition, before a random number generator is used by a casino game, it must be tested and licensed by a third party.

Examples of such third-party organizations include the following.

What is the hit sequence?

This refers to your chances of landing a win when playing a slot machine at a casino.

However, this hit sequence varies according to the type of slot game you are playing.

While letting you know if a casino game is easy to win or not, it also shows you your expected reward. Sometimes winning at a casino game with high volatility gives you more prizes than a slot with a high hit sequence.

What is RTP?

RTP, which stands for return to player, is the percentage of refund that a casino game gives to players. Interestingly, RTP depends on the type of casino game you are playing.

However, a lot of casino games possess an RTP of 96-97%. This means if you wager SEK 100, you get to receive SEK 96 to 97 as RTP.

You must note that the return to the player doesn’t determine the result of the game as you can win or lose even with an RTP of 96%. What decides the result of a spin is the random number generator (RNG).